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Friday, 23 March 2018

5 Query For Ask Before Hire an SEO Company

If your business website is not found on Google or other search engines, then you are losing a large part of the business with potential customers and your competitors have taken advantage of its benefits. You have developed your website but if you are not doing SEO, then its use is of no avail. Creating a website without SEO is like building a road without direction; You know that your business is present, but your potential customers do not, Microsoft founder Bill Gates once said, "If you are a business then you are out of business, your business will be out of business" and on the web To show a business website, you have to hire a SEO agency to market your website.

Since there is a large pool of SEO companies on the web, it has become a daunting task to choose the right agency that can increase your visibility on search engines. Choosing the right can be one of the most attractive things you do for your company, but on the flip side, if you work with some fraudulent company, then this could be your biggest mistake for your business. Choosing the right SEO agency for your business's growth and visibility on the web is very important, before hiring them, do your homework and be prepared to ask about the questions given below, for your business. Helping you know the values

# 1: What is their SEO experience?

As he says, "Experience makes man perfect"; It is really true with SEO agencies that you should ask them about their experience in handling SEO projects and how many years they are involved in it, is it a startup company or a well-established firm? By getting this information you can clarify your background, experience and the most important team that will be responsible for handling your project.

Once you get the information, take a look at the reviews of the company available on your website, social media channels, blogs and web. Since most SEO companies have kept up to date with the latest information and news on their blogs, this is a good sign of their reliability.

# 2: What services do they offer?

Since online marketing is a very comprehensive industry, you need an agency that can provide a full range of digital marketing services, not just SEO services. With SEO, you need content writing, email marketing, pay per click services, social media marketing, etc. to promote your business online with panoramic views.

If you get an agency that can offer you all of these services under one roof, then you are very easy to achieve marketing benefits because you can easily and easily achieve all your marketing methods. Can manage.

# 3: Explore your client portfolio?

To find out more about the company's background and work experience, ask them for a customer's portfolio to browse through the various client projects they have done during their tenure and to get accurate information from them. What other businesses are using their services and they are hired for marketing?

SEO agencies are always beneficial to rent, which is a great experience in your industry because their team knows very well about the optimal results and the strategies applied for ranking.

# 4: How will they communicate and what to do about the progress report?

After hiring a SEO agency, it is important to communicate regularly with a person or project manager who is in charge of your project. Periodic communication about the status of the project will make you clear what they are doing and where your business is growing with their marketing efforts. Not only this, but you should also ask them what kind of marketing progress report will they share on a daily or weekly basis? It is very important again because it will give you deeper insights into marketing efforts made by them.

Usually, with big companies, it becomes difficult to communicate easily because they follow a system, in which a different person in the aid department answers your question every time. Although with small companies or freelancers, communication flow is very easy because you always contact the same person who is going to handle your project.

# 5: What are their SEO packages?

Now comes the most important part of recruiting an SEO agency - pricing SEO or we say that digital marketing is not a low cost solution, then be prepared to include SEO marketing expenses in your monthly budget expense. Most SEO Agencies comply with two types of pricing: Hourly or Fixed Price. In hourly pricing, they charge you on an hourly basis, while later; You have agreed to give a fixed price per month for the project. Keep one thing in mind that to get good results, you have to invest in quality and result oriented SEO services.

In the long run, whatever you have invested in SEO, your business will take advantage of its benefits because you will get more business and sales. So while selecting Seo Company, you need to look deeper: How are they going to charge you? Will this per project, per hour or monthly? How much will you have to pay and when? Do you need to pay some advance amount before starting the project? Get clear information about all these things and for example, at the end of each month, they are always advised to pay after completion

So now you want to find out before hiring SEO Agency. You have researched our part and you will be surprised that the best SEO company should hire you, which can give you results under your budget. Lots of SEO companies are available, but you have to choose the best among them, who can help you get more ROI than your years' expertise.


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