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Tuesday, 19 June 2018

Rank factors program recap from SMX Advanced 2018 Written By Google

If you couldn't attend SMX Advanced, have no fear. Contributor Eric Enge outlines one of the more controversial sessions and reports on what the three speakers shared on the topic of SEO ranking factors.

I make a practice of planning to the SEO Ranking Factors section at SMX Advanced every year. You always get some good data and interesting ideas on what's changing on the planet of ranking factors, and in 2010 was no exception. Here's my breakdown of the three speakers and what they shared.

Marcus Tober, Searchmetrics

Marcus started his speak by focusing on the role that correlation reports enjoy in the industry and how those reports have got a lot of flak lately.

For me, that flak is a touch unjust and the result of many people misusing the insights reported. When people misuse information, it's perhaps not the data that is at fault.

As a result of the feedback (flak) given, Marcus took a different look at ten various straight areas across a number of various facets to judge how behavior differs across each of the sectors.

The industries he picked to examine were:

  • Dating.
  • Wine.
  • Recipes.
  • Fitness.
  • Furniture.
  • Car tuning.
  • Divorce.
  • Credit.

The very first component that Marcus talked about was the utilization of microdata. With this, he compared the relationship, dishes and divorce markets. The outcome were the following:

The first factor talking about Marks was the use of micro data. For this, they compared to dating, recipes, and divorce markets. The results were as follows:

As you can see in the line chart, there is no significant connection, but of course, the use of micro data is used in relatively few sites, perhaps due to the mark-up of their search results.

For the next area, they watched videos in divorce, fitness and alcohol. Here you can see that the contacts in the fitness sector are already very high for some posts:

The third element presented was the number of paragraphs on the Marks page, and for this, they again saw the divorce, health and wines. Here you can see a little bit of mutual contact between the number of paragraphs and classification in any market area. However, the access level for divorce is highest, after fitness, comes with the third place in alcohol:

Social marks using the dating and divorce areas were the next part. Here are the results:

Here we see a strong touch between the number of ratings for the social signal and the dating field, but none for the divorce area. It understands, though there is a lot of social awareness about dating, but not too much for divorce. Of course, this does not mean that social rating is an element, because dating sites have strong business reasons for activating social media.

Keep in mind that Facebook, LinkedIn and Google Plus have blocked all the posts and have shared the count for one reason. If the social media site does not give importance to the signal, then why should there be a search engine?

On their next part, Marks focus on factors that are measured by the Lighthouse device, which are made in chrome. What are the factors in the tool set:

  • Display
  • Progressive Web App (PWA)
  • Use
  • Best practices
  • SEO

The first factor, to see the exhibition, we do not see any positive contact.

Interestingly, more than 41 pages are not high, and scale increases to 100. At this time at least this time, you do not need to do more than 80 improvements. However, we see a clear touch with the PWA shown here:
On the contrary, we do not see any contact in full or best practices. It shows what links to search engine fix (SEO) with Google, as shown here:
Mandy Obertaty, Ranger Ranger
This proposal began to look after search rates in 2015 in search results.

Madi presented statistics in five different benchmarks, where he was looking to see the top five results of a wide range of questions, how much he has changed.

By 2016, they saw only 27% of the results in the same result, and by 2018, there was a decrease of 10%.

The number of sites included in the results in 2016 was 1,316, and by 2018, it reached 2,200. Obviously, the results seem very uncomfortable. Mary looked forward to the biological visual charts for progressive, state forms and alliances. Here's the chart for development:

There is a volatility! After this, he provided an example of a specific search query:

The result is the result of presence of consumer reports.com and nerdwallet.com. There are information sites. It seems Google has set a map in a new intent.

See 10 results at the top, there were six sites where you could buy insurance, and there were four places where you can learn about auto insurance.

Here's a lesson: Ecommerce sites should also consider raising informational content, questioning about such obvious business intentions.

Rank Ranger tried 100 and "Buy" keywords:

About 40 percent of all the results were reported.
69% of the best product listings were.
31% purchase guide.
This rating fits well in a concept called slot. If you have an e-commerce site, and you have four notifications in the top 10 current ranking for the goal phrase, there are only six available slots (SERP) for your business page with the search engine results page.

What will help you in e-commerce slots, will help you rank ratings for the informal slot. You will need to focus on your content and optimization strategy, which caters to the user's intentions.

In the case of "Buy Car Insurance", if you are trying to catch traffic with a information page, then what is the likelihood of a user typing this phrase, but who really wants the actual information?

This is definitely a field to think about us!

Jeff Gel, Disney
Jeff works on Disney's entertainment aspect, such as Disney.com, Star Wars, Com, and espn.com sites.

Jeff started two stories to run on this subject, he was talking about the data. First of all, an Air France Flight 447 is a terrible story, which fell into the Pacific.

One of the main reasons for this terrible plane crash was that it was a poor sensor. This broken sensor prompted other sensors to send poor data, and the pilot kept the data confusing as a result.

The second flight was a coat flight, where an engine was flown. To get out of the ship, he had 58 malicious messages and after the shutdown of 100 alarm. Despite this, the pilots managed to convert the aircraft to 4,000 meters on the plane, although it was 3,900 meters safely required by the length of the calculation. It meant that they had struck zero for the mistake.

In this second scene, the pilots managed to land in the ship as they were able to ignore the noise in the data and focus on the data of the maximum data.

Jeff was expressing SEO in the world, we have a lot of data, and it's easy to walk in the wrong direction. It's important to be calm, learn from the case studies of those who trust you and follow your tests.

During the remaining Jeff's presentation, he discussed some tests.

Moving a site to https

Disney has taken dozens of sites to https. Bottom line: The company was not showing any impact on rating or traffic.

What AmP Traffic Impact?

Jeff says in the US, the answer does not appear:

It's not amazing, because Google has said that there are no instant mobile pages (AMPs) rating factors. Note, if you have a newsletter and looks at the help of AMP news, it should drive up the rising traffic, although these appointments will not be seen by traditional ranking-tracking methods.

On the contrary, a UK-based site used on international sites was rapidly published where the AMP was implemented:

There was a big peak in Brazil.

Removing low-quality content

On one of your sites, Dzinni removed approximately 80,000 following-quality uniform resource locator (s) and saw massive traffic accidents in traffic. Sadly, this test led to the feeling of another important SEO point, which occurs later when you delete the main 301 redirects on the site later.

On the site where they removed the following-quality URLs (spike-ups in the following chart), some time later, 301 re-references were removed from the previous site. Although they were almost two years, it still became clear that Google was still dependent on them because the traffic had set a deep dive:

Domain change recovery speed

Jeff studied two episodes of the domain name changes. The first person took a long time to recover:

However, in another example, he took only four weeks to recover, jointly. The point here is that "your profits may vary!"

Last, but at least, they had an experience on the site where a cancer loop was presented on the site. Of course, Google has not yet returned traffic to this loop, even if it takes time.

It is clear that major changes have increased during the previous year. Google has done a lot to rate how many steps to classify to define the best of all the desired questions. Specifically, it differs from the market, and it differs in every type of question.

More than ever, you need to understand the needs of your target user base, because it makes you perfect for success to reach these target users through search.

In addition, how to learn how to properly read data. Do not lose in total noise and it is being claimed. Focus on what matters, and you'll be in a better position to succeed.

The opinions described in this article are from guest authors and are not necessarily the search engine land. Staff writers have been listed here.

refferal by: https://searchengineland.com/ranking-factors-session-recap-from-smx-advanced-2018-300383

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