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Friday, 6 April 2018

Google 'Preferred Partnership', Embedded and 'Edition session' to the Digital Advertising Industry in a deep political tour

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Written By: Webleads SEO Compnay
At the end of March, a Black Fund organization associated with the US Action Network, President Paul Renn, announced that it was with Google's "favorite partnership". His sister Super PC, Congress Leadership Foundation also signed the agreement.

"We are glad to meet the same and CLF for the next two years," said Lee Dunn, head of the Google election results head. Mountain View, California-based web-forecasting will provide organizations with voter data, analytical support and discounts on YouTube ads to promote political strangers and party candidates in the Republican Party. "We are looking forward to helping CLF win in 2018."

In the apparent month, Dunn was transformed into jobs, White House became the head of access to a huge online. According to his linked profile, he was working on [administration] on the issue of digital tax, global business, digital trade and copyright / trademark law.

Although Google is not just digital business, it is a $ 1.4 billion political advertising industry, Dunn has a new job and partnership between Google and both conservative organizations. Advertisers as advertisers in the country's capital

Brandon Fillesh, a lawyer of the Campaign Legal Center in Washington, DC said, "It's actually a matter of incident that this digital ad is new and unique." These are getting links with companies and are at the place to be able to impress themselves. Lawyer, and this is what Facebook and Google are going to change in many fields. So it means that candidates' interests and digital platforms can be integrated in a way that is in contrast to the interests of the people. "

'Ideal session'

Published October 1, in the political communication of journalists, it was found that digital advertising platforms have created protest advertisers to work with customers on both sides of the road. During the 2016 presidential election these teams worked as political consultants. In one case, Google organized a "edition session" with its members in the failed GOP campaign of St. Rand Polo. During the general election, the companies appreciated the members of the team.

According to the article, representatives of the online industry said, "The development of their work in electoral politics was based on the desire of revenue directly from their services and products, because the candidates provide public services to their services and platforms, and with the legislator to liaise. "

Google is working on expenditure such as exhaust organizations such as AIN and CLF, in 2018, as a job for political advertising, the company said that Google is also trying to bring advertisements to SuperPac customers.

Working with mainstream organizations is not involved in all political endeavors. During the 2016 election, company officials met members of the United States, a Conservative Black Money Organization, who now claim that Islamic extremists are ready to gain power in France and Germany. At Bloomberg's meeting, Black Money Organization helped to "improve" digital advertising campaigns, in which focusing on eliminating Islamic Islamic sentiments in major President Swing states.

Dan, who recently retired and led Google's International Elections campaign, is linked deeply to LinkedIn's profile with "top political donations, candidates, campaign committees, and political advertising agencies". adds up. The AA press release has announced that the priority of the organization will be announced with Google that it will "measure and analyze the measurement of the Google election and advocacy team."

A marketer said that close relationship between digital advertising platforms and political groups is a natural phenomenon, when technology is rapidly developing.

Riding Tie Interactive, founder of Laser Digital Marketing Agency, said, "Skills and skills are very less compared to more traditional media in digital [media] because space is too much." "I really think that Google says," Look, the media environment is changing dramatically and customers do not think it effectively makes the digital world economically affordable to spend money. " is. ''

Super PAC supplies

A decade ago, Ann and CLF Republicans support the Congress's candidates and conservative policies. During the 2016 election, the AA and CLF spent 45 million advertisements against the Democratic Congress candidates. During the CCF 2018 election cycle, the highest money is being Super PAC, in which over 11 million dollars have been acquired to support conservative Congress candidates.

According to the record, the AAA has not spent any money on the election during the election cycle of the 2018, but the organization says that since the fall of selection, for the democratic democracy policies, it dropped more than $ 46 million. At $ 9 million on digital advertising, the cost of consent is shown on both air and digital platforms on one another and $ 10 million on the advertisement.

Due to the nature of digital advertising rules, it is impossible to detect the cost of spending a million dollars in AAA expenditure. Contrary to traditional broadcast advertising - where the subject of the advertisement is spent on it, and advertising sponsored identity is usually displayed on the website of all Federal Communications Commission - digital advertising is generally not reported to the regulators unless they are exclusively If you do not advocate for any candidate or against him, then it goes away.

"Ads that will rotate online without any effective transparency will clearly not violate any lawyer," said Frederick. "It is too high [Federal Election Commission] failed to implement long-term disclaimer requirements for internet advertising. Since you can target advertisements to specific people, usually by many common people, when more political expenses are Online is transferred online, so people are more in the dark, who are trying to influence elections and voters. "

Since the last elections, Google's efforts have increased to win federal influence. The company was the main sponsor of the Conservative Political Action Conference last month, with the National Rifle Association. Google was the top federal online lobby company in 2017, in which more than $ 18 million is running tablets, the organization also discussed commerce, defense, and movements including Senate, House and Cabinet departments. Google emphasized the problem with cybercatch in immigration, immigration policy, patent refreshment, online privacy and the Republican tax bill.

Google and the American Action Network rejected many requests for comment.

According to FA record, two protective organizations are not the only beneficiaries of Google services, other institutions who buy advertisements with them are included in the National National Committee. The Co-Brotherhood, the main political organization of Arbab Freedom, for the American Chamber of Commerce, Senate Conservative Funds, Labor unions AFL-CIO and SEIU, plan parents, and the Americans.


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